Can You Share a Wix Site Without Publishing? 7 Clever Techniques Revealed!

No, you cannot share a wix site without publishing it. To share your wix site, you need to publish it first.

Once published, you can share the site url with others. Introducing your wix site to the world requires you to publish it, making it accessible to visitors. However, you might be wondering if there is a way to share your site without fully publishing it.

In this article, we will explore whether it is possible to share a wix site without publishing it first. So, keep reading to find out more!

Can You Share a Wix Site Without Publishing? 7 Clever Techniques Revealed!


1. Understanding The Limitations Of Traditional Website Sharing

Sharing a wix site without publishing it comes with limitations. Traditional methods require publishing the website first, which may pose risks. Publishing an unfinished or work-in-progress site can lead to potential issues. However, there are alternative approaches to sharing your wix site.

By utilizing tools such as the preview feature or sharing the site as a draft, you can securely showcase your work without fully publishing it. These methods allow you to share your site with others and receive feedback while maintaining control over the final publication.

It’s important to understand the limitations of traditional website sharing and explore alternative ways to share your wix site effectively.

2. Unveiling The Secret: Sharing A Wix Site Without Publishing

Sharing a wix site without publishing it can be done through clever techniques. The secret lies in unveiling these methods. By doing so, you can showcase your site to others before it’s ready to be published. One of the ways to accomplish this is by generating a preview link.

This allows you to share access to your site without it being visible to the public. Another option is to use the password protection feature. By setting a password, you can grant access to selected individuals, controlling who can view your site.

Additionally, you can utilize the collaboration feature to share your site with others, allowing them to make edits and provide feedback. With these techniques, you can effectively share your wix site before it’s officially published, gaining valuable insights and input along the way.

3. Technique 1: Utilizing The Wix Preview Mode

The wix preview mode is an effective technique for sharing an unfinished website without publishing it. By accessing this mode, you can share your site with others, allowing them to view and provide feedback. This feature is especially beneficial when collaborating with clients or team members, as it gives them a real-time glimpse of your progress.

With the wix preview mode, you can showcase the design, layout, and functionality of your site before it goes live. This ensures that everyone involved is on the same page and can contribute to the site’s development. Moreover, sharing your site in the preview mode allows for easy revisions and adjustments based on feedback received.

Overall, utilizing the wix preview mode is an excellent way to collaborate and fine-tune your website before publishing it to the world.

4. Technique 2: Collaborating With Team Members Using Wix Editor

Collaborating with team members to collectively work on a wix site is made easy with the wix editor. Leveraging its collaboration features allows for sharing access without publishing the website. Team members can make edits and modifications simultaneously, ensuring a smooth workflow.

This eliminates the need to constantly update and republish the site, saving time and effort. With the wix editor, changes can be made in real-time, enabling effective teamwork and efficient communication. By granting access to team members, the site can be worked on collaboratively without the need for publishing, making it convenient and hassle-free.

So, next time you need to work collectively on a wix site, remember to use the wix editor’s collaboration features and share access without publishing.

5. Technique 3: Creating A Password-Protected Preview

Setting up a password-protected preview of your wix site is a great way to share it without publishing it. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do it: first, log in to your wix account and go to the site menu.

Then, click on the “settings” option. Next, in the “privacy & payment” tab, you’ll find the option to enable a password-protected preview. Click on it and set a password that you’ll share with selected individuals. Once the password is set, your wix site will be accessible only to those who have it.

This technique allows you to showcase your site to clients, team members, or anyone else you want, while keeping it private from the public. Sharing your password-protected preview ensures that the site remains secure and available only to those whom you trust.

6. Technique 4: Using Draft Links For Secure Sharing

Generating draft links is a handy technique to securely share your wix site without publishing it. With draft links, you can grant others access to view your site temporarily. By controlling access and permissions for the recipients, you have complete control over who can see your site.

This method ensures that your site remains private while still allowing collaboration with others. Whether it’s for feedback, reviews, or approvals, using draft links provides a secure and convenient way to share your wix site before it goes live. Give it a try and experience the benefits of sharing your wix site without publishing.

Collaborate, gather feedback, and improve your site, all while maintaining privacy and control.

7. Technique 5: Sharing Screenshots And Mockups

Creating and sharing screenshots or mockups of your wix site is a handy technique for emphasizing the key elements and design aspects to convey the website’s vision. By capturing specific sections or the entire website, you can showcase the overall look and feel, layout, and visual appeal to others without having to publish the site.

This method allows you to share your work in progress or seek feedback from clients, colleagues, or friends before making it public. Additionally, sharing screenshots or mockups can also be useful when collaborating with designers or developers, providing them with a clear understanding of your ideas and desired outcomes.

Utilizing this technique enables effective communication and efficient decision-making throughout the site-building process. It’s a valuable way to share your wix site without publishing it prematurely.

8. Technique 6: Collaborating Offline With Design Tools

Collaborating offline with design tools is an effective technique for sharing a wix site without publishing. This method involves using design tools to work on the website’s structure and layout. By sharing design files, you can easily gather feedback from collaborators and make necessary improvements.

It allows for a collaborative approach where multiple team members can work together seamlessly. This technique eliminates the need to publish the site for everyone to access. Instead, you can work on the design aspect offline and finalize it before making it live.

By utilizing design tools, you ensure that all stakeholders have a say in the website’s development process. This approach promotes better communication and collaboration, resulting in a well-designed website that meets everyone’s expectations.

9. Technique 7: Testing And Gathering Feedback

User testing platforms provide invaluable feedback for your wix site. Incorporate suggested improvements before publishing.

Frequently Asked Questions Of Can You Share A Wix Site Without Publishing

Can I Share A Wix Site Without Publishing It?

Yes, you can share a wix site without publishing it by using the “preview” feature. This allows you to generate a temporary url that you can share with others for feedback and collaboration purposes.

How Do I Generate A Preview Url For My Wix Site?

To generate a preview url for your wix site, go to the wix editor, click on the “preview” button, and then click on the “copy link” option. You can then share this link with others, allowing them to view your site without it being published.

Will My Wix Site Be Accessible To The Public If I Share The Preview Url?

No, your wix site will not be accessible to the public if you share the preview url. Only those who have the specific link will be able to view the site. It provides a secure way to share your site with selected individuals without it being publicly accessible.

Can Others Make Changes To My Wix Site Through The Preview Url?

No, others cannot make changes to your wix site through the preview url. The preview mode is only for viewing purposes, so any changes made will not be saved. It ensures that your site remains protected and you have control over the modifications made to it.

Is There An Expiration Date For The Wix Site Preview Url?

Yes, the wix site preview url has an expiration date. It remains active for 30 days from the date it was generated. After 30 days, the preview link will no longer be accessible, ensuring that you have control over who can view your site and for how long.


Sharing a wix site without publishing it is indeed possible and can be a valuable tool for collaboration and feedback. By utilizing the invite contributors feature, users can easily grant access to others without publicly releasing the site. This enables team members, clients, or friends to provide input and make edits in real-time, ensuring a smooth and efficient website development process.

Wix’s robust set of user-friendly features allows for seamless collaboration, with the ability to assign different roles and permissions to contributors. Moreover, the preview mode allows site owners to share a link that showcases the site’s appearance and functionality without the need for publishing.

This feature is particularly useful for gathering feedback from stakeholders before making the site live. So, if you’re looking for a way to collaborate and share your wix site without publishing it, wix’s invite contributors feature and preview mode are handy options that will streamline the website building process.

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